Developer MacBook setup

I recently got myself a MacBoook Pro, using it for both working when at home but primarily for my side projects. These are the tools I am using  for that. It is not an exhaustive list, as most of the work is done in linux, either remotely or virtualized on the machine and there are quite a few online services that I use as well. However, this maybe can help someone with getting started when switching to Mac OS X.

Java Development

Mobile Development

  • Install XCode for iOS development projects.
  • Install Android Studio for all things android.
  • Install Unity.


  • Install Modelio for systems design.
  • Install OmniGraffle.
  • Install Microsoft Visio. This is comparably expensive, but is needed for several projects.

General Development

  • Use Emacs for mostly everything.
  • Install Sublime for occasional web development.
  • Install iTerm to replace the terminal.
  • Install Brew, a mac os x package manager.
  • Install Bower, for web development.
  • Install NodeJS.
  • Install Yarn.
  • Install Grunt.
  • Install Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  • Install Chrome.
  • Install Firefox.
  • Install Oracle VirtualBox.
  • Install vagrant.
  • Install docker.
  • Install Kubernetes.
  • Install Keka. Free mac file archiver.
  • Install git.
  • Install SourceTree from Atlassian.
  • Install zsh – highly customizable command shell.
  • Install MenuMeters


  • Install Scroll Reverser 2 (Karabiner does not work with macos Sierra)
  • Install
  • Install OVPN
  • Install SpectacleApp for Windows management.
  • Install Airdroid for file transfers locally
  • Install Greenshot – a better screen clipper
  • Get USB Overdrive for support of mouse buttons…

Other development related

  • Setup bash completion
  • Install Licecap. Screen to animated GIF.
  • Install Chrome.
  • Install Firefox.
  • Install Adobe Creative Cloud.

Chrome plugins

  • Install Postman. A very good REST API development tool.
  • Install Ghostery. Know what they know about you.
  • Install getpocket. Saving stuff for later read.
  • Install LastPass. Keep track of your secrets.
  • Install Evernote clipper.
  • Install Tampermonkey when you need that extra functionality on someone else’s website.
  • Install OneTab to close all tabs but keeping track of them for later.
  • Install The Great Suspender to save memory even though you cannot let go of browser tabs.

Looking at my local Network

  • Install Wireshark
  • Install PacketPeeper

On Virtual Machines

Using Vagrant/VirtualBox,

  • Install CentOS
  • Depending on the project at hand, set up the instance with what is needed (Cassandra, Hadoop, Zabbix etc).

Other things that I use the MacBook for

  • Install HandyLock
  • Install Little Snitch
  • Install Spotify.
  • Install Sonos for the speakers.
  • Install Dropbox
  • Install Google Drive
  • Install Microsoft OneNote
  • Install Microsoft Office.


Rickard Schoultz
I work at Digital River World Payments at the Principal Architect, but all views are my own. I write about technologies related to payments, security, network infrastructure and information management.